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Skillyoga, the first yoga training system for men.

Studies show that 75% of both, women and men, agree they would benefit from doing yoga. Yet only 18% of yoga practitioners are men.

Why is there such a big gap in the numbers? Is it because yoga is not made for men? No. It’s because all yoga products are focussing on women.

That’s why we've founded SkillYoga with the mission to make yoga accessible to everyone. You don’t need to become a spiritual master to benefit from yoga, we’ve developed a smart combination of mental and physical training that works even for non-spiritual people.

What’s so special about it you ask?

We developed our own training system with hundreds of male teachers, trainers and athletes with the goal to make yoga more accessible and appealing to men who have wanted, but also struggled to start their yoga training. We created a video training system with one of the world’s leading yoga athletes, Benjamin Sears, and finally developed a digital platform around it to deliver it right to your mobile phone, computer or TV. 

In every single training session you will learn a new yoga skill, like a crow pose or a handstand. We've identified the easiest ways for you to get into these advanced poses. Once you've worked on this skill, you will train your strength and build muscle in a short but intense strength flow. You will continue by increasing your  effective range of motion in a slow, mobility oriented section and finish with a short, non-spiritual final meditation. All of this in less than 30 minutes.

Have you had some unpleasant yoga experiences in the past? Have you been looking for the perfect way to start? Try us for free and let us know what you think!




Gerjet, Timko and Benno

– Founders of SkillYoga